Garlick Garden Machinery – Chris Garlick – Preston Lancashire

This week you can meet Chris Garlick from Garlick Garden Machinery based in Preston, Lancashire.

chris garlick1. What is your business, what do you do? How many of there are you?
We specialize in sales, service and  repair of all gardening equipment, from large ride on lawnmowers, hedgecutters and chainsaws to lawn edging shears. This is a family run business with myself running the workshop and shop during the week and my dad comes in with me at weekends.
2. How long have you been doing this work/business?
I have been in this industry for around 5 years now, leaving college after getting my A levels and then going on to study at the Honda institute in slough for two years to gain my Lawn & Garden Service Engineer qualification.
3. When you started up what did you find difficult? Or what are you finding difficult now?
When we first started we didn’t rush things so started off on the front foot, the one thing that is difficult is advertising that we are here, trying a couple of sources, we have found after offering our customers a quality service at a reasonable price word of mouth is the best way of advertising for us.
4. How do you set yourself apart from others in your industry?
We offer a quality service to our customers at an affordable price, I also make an effort to spend time  with customers making them feel welcome and offering some of our knowledge to customers to enable them to look after their machinery and operate it safely.
5. What aspects of advertising really grate you?
Once you have advertised with a company they are always on the phone offering you ‘special discounts’ which can get quite repetitive.
6. Does social media gain you work? 
We do gain work from social media as we upload photos of what we do, advertise special offers, and it also gets people talking about the business.
7. What do you do to unwind from work?
Very little at the moment we are always talking of ways to expand our business and grow, but when we do take time away from  work a meal out goes down a treat.
8. Have you got a marketing plan? Do you wish you had one to get more regular work?
We do have a marketing plan, as this business is notoriously seasonal we will be concentrating on getting the work in during the cold winter months.
9. Do you think that men in the trades are getting enough support in the UK and locally?
If you are after the support of external companies I’m sure its out there but as a tight family we try to offer our support to each other and bounce off one and others ideas.
10. If you could have help with anything in your business what would it be?
Advertising. If we could find a way of advertising which would be free/cheap that could be directed to potential customers in a way they couldn’t miss and learn about us.
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